$1.5 Billion Funding Available for Farmers to Improve Conservation and Implement Climate-Smart Agriculture

Reimagined RCPP Funding Opportunity

Unlocking $1.5 Billion for Conservation and Climate Solutions


The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) is offering a historic $1.5 billion in fiscal year 2024 to support partner-driven conservation and climate initiatives. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking project proposals until July 2, 2024, aimed at assisting farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners in adopting conservation practices that benefit natural resources and address climate challenges. These projects have the potential to not only save money for farmers but also create new revenue streams and enhance productivity.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Investments

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, investments in climate-smart agriculture are estimated to benefit over 180,000 farms and 225 million acres in the next 5 years. The funding is made possible through the Farm Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act, representing the largest climate investment to date. The boost in funding for RCPP by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a significant step forward in advancing conservation efforts.

Funding Opportunities

There are two distinct funding opportunities available: RCPP Classic and RCPP Alternative Funding Arrangements (AFA). RCPP Classic projects involve NRCS contracts and easements, while RCPP AFA allows lead partners to work directly with agricultural producers to develop innovative conservation approaches. A portion of the funding is set aside for Tribal-led projects, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in conservation efforts.

2024 RCPP Funding Priorities

The 2024 RCPP funding priorities include climate-smart agriculture, urban agriculture, conservation, and environmental justice. These priorities align with President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, which aims to ensure that 40% of federal investments in climate and clean energy benefit disadvantaged communities. The initiative also supports President Biden’s America the Beautiful conservation effort, emphasizing collaboration with farmers, ranchers, and private landowners.

How to Apply

Project proposals for RCPP can be submitted through the RCPP portal. Detailed information on the funding opportunities is available on Grants.gov for both RCPP Classic and RCPP AFA. NRCS will be hosting webinars to provide further information, with details accessible on the RCPP website.

More about RCPP

RCPP is a collaborative approach to conservation that addresses natural resource challenges on agricultural land. By leveraging partnerships and working towards common goals, RCPP showcases the impact of public-private collaborations in achieving agricultural and conservation objectives.

Improving RCPP Efforts

  • Streamlining RCPP agreement negotiation process
  • Updating policy tools for efficient agreement development
  • Providing comprehensive training for staff
  • Delegating authority for local projects

NRCS is committed to enhancing RCPP operations through automation, quicker processing, and streamlined easement deeds. The agency aims to reduce negotiation time and improve functionality for producers and partners. For a full list of RCPP improvements, visit the NRCS website.

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