2023 National Forest Products Week Proclamation

National Forest Products Week – Celebrating America’s Forests

National Forest Products Week – Celebrating America’s Forests

Preserving Our Forests for Future Generations

For generations, America’s forests have provided a sanctuary for relaxation, cultural practices, and recreation. These forestlands also support the livelihoods of many, including foresters, loggers, and local communities. As we commemorate National Forest Products Week, we renew our commitment to conserving these beautiful forests. By responsibly managing our abundant renewable resources, we protect the environment and contribute to the economy that sustains communities across America.

Forests: Essential for the Environment and Economy

Our forests play a vital role in safeguarding the environment and driving economic growth. They provide us with lumber, paper, clean water, and fresh air. However, these forests and the jobs they support are under threat from various risks, including the pressing challenge of climate change. Rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, and inadequate forest management have transformed wildfire season into a year-round crisis, destroying vast areas of forestland and impacting air quality nationwide.

A Commitment to Forest Health

From day one, my Administration has prioritized the health, diversity, and productivity of our forests. In my first week as President, I established the “America the Beautiful” Initiative through an Executive Order. This initiative sets a national conservation goal of conserving at least 30 percent of our nation’s lands and waters by 2030. To achieve this goal, we rely on voluntary, locally-led efforts that ensure sustainable practices for foresters and farmers across the country.

Investing in Forest Resilience

Under my Investing in America Agenda, we are taking further steps to enhance the resilience of our forests and communities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law enables us to remove overgrown vegetation near homes and power lines, improve evacuation routes in wildfire-prone areas, and combat invasive species that contribute to the spread of fires. Additionally, the Inflation Reduction Act provides historic funding for tree planting, sustainable forest management, and fire prevention. This investment aims to mitigate the impact of climate change on our forests. Furthermore, recognizing the significant role of firefighters, we have increased the minimum wage for federal firefighters to $15 per hour, ensuring they receive the pay, respect, and dignity they deserve.

Supporting American Forest Products

My Administration is dedicated to creating more opportunities for American producers of forest products. Through a combination of funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, we are supporting businesses that advance forest conservation and create jobs. Programs such as Wood Innovations, Community Wood, and Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance grant initiatives have awarded millions of dollars to promote the innovative and sustainable use of American wood products and waste materials. These efforts strengthen emerging wood markets and support sustainable forest management.

Preserving Our Forests for Future Generations

Our nation’s majestic forests connect us to something greater than ourselves and form a crucial part of the American identity. Conserving these forests not only sustains a vital part of our economy but also preserves an essential chapter in the American story for future generations. As we observe National Forest Products Week, my Administration reaffirms our commitment to safeguard and steward our precious forests, ensuring that they can be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren for years to come.

A National Proclamation

To honor the significance of the products derived from our forests, the Congress, by Public Law 86–753 (36 U.S.C. 123), as amended, has designated the week beginning on the third Sunday in October of each year as “National Forest Products Week.” As President, I hereby proclaim October 15 through October 21, 2023, as National Forest Products Week. I call upon the people of the United States to join me in this observance and to recognize all Americans who are responsible for the stewardship of our nation’s beautiful forested landscapes.


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