2024 Centr Review: Chris Hemsworth’s Most Unusual Muscle Exercise

### Chris Hemsworth’s Unconventional Fitness Journey

Chris Hemsworth, known for his impressive physique, has gone to great lengths to achieve his superhuman muscles. From blood flow restriction training to gruelling moves inspired by Australian animals, the Thor star has tried it all. However, according to his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, the weirdest thing Hemsworth has ever done for fitness involved pulling a sled with Zocchi seated on it for 30 minutes during training for the Limitless series.

### The Key to Getting in Shape

Despite Hemsworth’s extreme workout routines, Zocchi emphasizes that getting in great shape doesn’t require such drastic measures. He believes that focusing on getting stronger is the key to improving overall fitness. Zocchi highlights the importance of strength and its positive impact on various aspects of health and fitness.

### The Success of the Centr Fitness App

Hemsworth’s impressive physique, sculpted by Zocchi as his personal trainer, led to the success of the fitness app, Centr. With over 200,000 users, Centr offers a variety of on-demand workouts, meal plans, and meditations. While some may view the app as geared towards already fit individuals, even those new to fitness can benefit from its programs.

### Testing the Centr App

A health editor, despite initial skepticism, decided to review the Centr app after experiencing a decline in fitness motivation during lockdown. The app’s focus on breathwork in the Centr Circuit: Elevate program intrigued the reviewer. Over four weeks, she followed the Elevate program, tried various workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness practices, and shared her honest review.

### Centr Workouts for Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, Centr workouts cater to all fitness levels. The app features a variety of training modalities, including yoga, pilates, boxing, and HIIT, with programs designed for beginners and experts alike. Expert trainers guide users through workouts, ensuring proper form and progression.

### The Centr Circuit: Elevate Program

The Elevate program, a 6-week strength-building training program, incorporates breathwork into workouts to enhance performance and recovery. Users can expect challenging workouts that change regularly to prevent boredom. With a focus on breathwork, the Elevate program aims to maximize results and improve overall fitness levels.

### Nutritious and Filling Meal Plans

Centr offers delicious meal options with filling portion sizes to support fitness goals. The app simplifies meal planning, making it easy for users to follow a balanced diet. By customizing goals, workouts, and meals, users can tailor their experience to suit their preferences and maximize results.

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