7 dead, 3 million powerless in Greater Houston-area

Beryl’s Impact on Texas

Beryl Makes Landfall

On Monday, Beryl struck the Southeast Texas coast, causing devastation in the greater Houston area. The hurricane made landfall near Matagorda with wind speeds reaching 80 miles per hour, leaving at least seven people dead. More than 13 inches of rain were recorded in Sugar Land.

Aftermath of the Storm

Millions of Texans are currently without power, and the restoration process could take up to a week. Despite being downgraded to a tropical storm and later a tropical depression, Beryl still poses a threat, with tornadoes being a concern in affected areas.

Tragic Losses

Beryl’s impact in Houston led to tragic losses, with individuals losing their lives due to fallen trees, flooding, and fires. The storm claimed the lives of at least seven people, including a man in Humble, a grandmother in Houston, and a Houston Police Department employee.

Response Efforts

North Texas first responders have been deployed to assist with rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Beryl. Emergency crews from various agencies are working tirelessly to aid those affected by the storm, showcasing solidarity and support within the state.

Continued Monitoring

As Beryl moves northeastward, its impact on North Texas is minimal, with only isolated showers reaching the DFW metroplex. The remnants of the storm have been downgraded to a tropical depression, providing a favorable outlook for the region in the coming days.


Despite the challenges brought about by Hurricane Beryl, the resilience and unity displayed by Texans during such times of crisis exemplify the strength and spirit of the community. With ongoing efforts to restore power, assist those in need, and monitor the storm’s progression, Texas remains steadfast in overcoming adversity and rebuilding in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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