Airlines halt flights to Israel amidst ongoing attacks

Flight Cancellations in Israel

Flight Cancellations in Israel

Surprise Attack Leads to Flight Cancellations

On a Jewish holiday, Palestinian militants launched a surprise attack, firing thousands of rockets from Gaza into nearby Israeli towns. This led to airlines scrambling to cancel flights into Israel.
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Impact on Ben Gurion International Airport

As of Saturday afternoon, about 16% of flights were canceled and 23% were delayed to Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel’s international hub, located just outside of Tel Aviv.

Flights Diverted to Other Airports

Some Israel-bound flights were diverted to other airports around the globe. For example, United Airlines flight 954 left San Francisco International Airport and diverted over Greenland about seven hours into the journey.
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Airlines Prioritize Safety

Airlines prioritize the safety of their customers and crews. They are closely monitoring the situation and adjusting flight schedules as required.

Flight Cancellations at JFK International Airport

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have canceled Israel-bound flights scheduled to depart from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

Lufthansa Reduces Flights to Tel Aviv

German airline Lufthansa has drastically reduced flights to and from Tel Aviv due to the current security situation in Israel.

Flight Cancellations by Other Airlines

Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, and Turkish Airlines have also canceled flights to and from Israel.

El Al Offers Flexibility for Customers

Israel’s national airline, El Al, is providing options for customers to suspend flights without charge or cancel with a voucher without costs.

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