Al Jazeera English Reports: Tower Struck During Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Tower Hit Behind Al Jazeera Team

Published on Al Jazeera English

The Israel-Palestine conflict has once again made headlines, this time with a tower being hit behind an Al Jazeera team. The incident highlights the ongoing tensions and violence in the region.

Gaza High-Rise Towers Struck by IDF

Published on The Times of Israel

In a retaliatory move, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) targeted and struck two high-rise towers in Gaza. These towers were reportedly used by Hamas to house their assets, escalating the conflict even further. Tel Aviv, a major city in Israel, now faces threats from the terror group.

Fact-Check: Old Video Circulated as Recent Israeli Attack on Gaza Building

Published on The Quint

A video claiming to show an Israeli attack on a Gaza building has been circulating on social media. However, fact-checkers have confirmed that the footage is old and not recent. This serves as a reminder to verify information before sharing it.

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