Analysis of the False Claims Made in the Biden-Trump Debate

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump recently faced off in a debate for the 2024 election, exchanging heated remarks and spreading false information. Trump inaccurately portrayed the Jan. 6 Capitol riots as a minor incident, while Biden tended to exaggerate and embellish rather than outright lie. Let’s delve into the misleading claims made by both candidates during the debate.

#### The Capitol Riots
Trump falsely claimed that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol involved a small group of people who were guided in by police. However, video evidence and witness accounts reveal a different story. Thousands of individuals stormed Capitol Hill, resulting in a violent clash with law enforcement. Despite Trump’s assertions, the U.S. Capitol Police Chief debunked the myth that officers assisted rioters. Over 1,400 individuals have faced federal charges related to the insurrection, with more than 850 pleading guilty.

#### The Economy
During his presidency, Trump boasted about having the best economy in history, but this claim falls short of the truth. The pandemic-induced recession, which led to a $3.1 trillion government bailout in 2020, tarnished his economic record. Even without the pandemic’s impact, economic growth under Trump averaged 2.67%, lower than the 4% achieved during Bill Clinton’s tenure. In contrast, economic performance has been stronger under Biden. Trump’s low unemployment rates were overshadowed by higher labor force participation rates under Clinton and Biden. Claims of low inflation and cheap gasoline prices were temporary effects of the pandemic, not sustainable policies.

#### Insulin Costs
Biden suggested that insulin shots cost $15, compared to $400 previously. While the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act capped out-of-pocket insulin expenses for older Medicare beneficiaries at $35, the previous cost was around $450 yearly, not monthly as claimed. This discrepancy highlights the need for accurate information when discussing healthcare affordability.

#### Abortion Rights
Trump falsely alleged that abortion providers conduct procedures after a child’s birth. In reality, infanticide is illegal in every state. Late-term abortions are rare and typically occur due to serious health risks to the mother or fetus. Trump’s misleading rhetoric aims to vilify abortion procedures without addressing the complex medical decisions involved.

#### Russia Relations
Trump wrongly accused Biden of paying billions to secure hostages’ release, citing a nonexistent fee demanded by Putin. In reality, hostage releases under both administrations involved prisoner exchanges, not financial transactions. Trump’s reference to a $1.7 billion transfer for detainees in Iran misrepresents the humanitarian nature of the transaction.

#### COVID-19 Misinformation
Biden claimed that Trump advocated for injecting bleach to treat COVID-19, exaggerating a statement where Trump suggested exploring disinfectant injections into the lungs. While Trump’s remarks were misguided, Biden’s characterization adds unnecessary drama to the discussion.

#### Super Predator Myth
Trump inaccurately blamed Biden for labeling Black communities as “super predators,” a term actually used by Hillary Clinton in advocating for a crime bill in 1994. Biden’s past remarks on crime focused on addressing violent offenders, not demonizing entire communities.

#### Immigration Policies
Trump’s accusations of Biden causing mass deaths and chaos at the border are unsubstantiated and misleading. While immigration policies remain contentious, attributing deaths and crime solely to Biden oversimplifies complex issues surrounding border security and humanitarian concerns.

In conclusion, the debate between Biden and Trump showcased a mix of false claims, exaggerations, and misleading statements. It is crucial for voters to fact-check information provided by political candidates and hold them accountable for spreading misinformation.

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