Biden and Xi pledge to restart military communication and combat fentanyl production

US and China Agree to Curb Fentanyl Production and Restore Military Communication

Woodside, California CNN — During a high-stakes summit in California, US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping took significant steps to improve the US-China relationship. While they did not issue a joint statement or formal declaration of cooperation, their agreements to curb fentanyl production and restore military communication signal progress in stabilizing the tense relationship between the two superpowers.

Curbing Fentanyl Production and Restoring Military Communication

A senior US official informed CNN that China has agreed to crack down on companies that produce precursor chemicals to fentanyl, a powerful narcotic that has fueled a drug crisis in the United States. This commitment will be closely monitored by the US to ensure its implementation. Additionally, both leaders have agreed to establish mechanisms to address potential military miscalculations and provide forums for expressing concerns.

Military-to-Military Communication: A Key Priority

The restoration of military channels of communication was a primary objective for the talks. The US expressed concerns about miscommunication or miscalculation that could potentially lead to open conflict. President Biden and top officials consistently emphasized the need to reopen military-to-military communications, underscoring its critical importance. This issue gained further significance after the Chinese spy balloon incident, which highlighted the necessity of effective communication between the two countries.

An Intense and Direct Dialogue

The summit between Biden and Xi involved a very direct and substantial exchange of ideas. Biden specifically urged China to avoid actions that could worsen the tense situation in the Middle East, emphasizing the need for China to influence Iran in this regard. The leaders discussed various topics, such as technology exports, artificial intelligence, nuclear transparency, and the harassment of American businesses in China. Biden made it clear that the US would not provide technology that could be used against it militarily.

Building a Clear Understanding and Collaboration

Biden aimed to establish a frank understanding between himself and Xi. He stressed the importance of the two leaders working together on issues such as climate change, countering narcotics trafficking, and approaching artificial intelligence. Biden also emphasized that competition between the US and China should not escalate into conflict. Xi, in response, acknowledged that the US-China relationship has faced challenges but highlighted the need for the two countries to move forward and avoid turning their backs on each other.

A Carefully Orchestrated Summit

The summit’s location in the Bay Area was kept secret until shortly before the meeting for security reasons. The formal welcome to the estate was meticulously planned, with a red carpet, Marine guards, and flags from both countries. Biden and Xi engaged in a warm handshake and exchanged pleasantries. The optics of the summit were carefully negotiated, reflecting the significance of the event.

Prioritizing Diplomatic Channels and Communication

For the past year, US officials have been working to establish diplomatic channels and strengthen communication with China. High-level meetings and consultations have taken place between senior officials from both countries, indicating a growing recognition of the importance of bilateral cooperation. The efforts have focused on sensitive topics like arms control and maritime issues, highlighting the commitment to strengthening lines of communication and mitigating misunderstandings.

A Promising Path Forward

This summit between Biden and Xi represents a step toward stabilizing the US-China relationship and avoiding further crises. By fostering a clearer understanding and emphasizing collaboration, the leaders aim to demonstrate to their populations and the world why an improved relationship between the two countries is in everyone’s best interests. Moving forward, it will be crucial to monitor the implementation of the agreements reached during the summit.

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