Biden Criticized by Trump and Other GOP Candidates Over Israel-Gaza Issue

Republican Candidates Criticize Biden Over Hamas Attacks on Israel

Evidence of Biden’s Weak Leadership

Republican presidential candidates wasted no time in seizing on the recent Hamas attacks on Israel to criticize President Biden. They argue that his recent hostage release deal with Iran is connected to the offensive by Palestinian militants.

Former President Donald J. Trump, a staunch ally of Israel, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in 2018. He blamed Mr. Biden for the conflict, stating that “we are perceived as being weak and ineffective, with a really weak leader.”

Fueling the Conflict with the Hostage Release Deal

Mr. Trump went even further, pointing to the hostage deal as a catalyst for the attacks. He claimed that the United States gave $6 billion to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages. However, the Biden administration has emphasized that the money was intended for humanitarian purposes only, such as “food, medicine, medical equipment that would not have a dual military use.”

These accusations by Mr. Trump and other Republican candidates were met with strong opposition from the Biden administration, calling them “total lies” and accusing them of spreading disinformation.

G.O.P. Candidates Show Support for Israel

While the G.O.P. candidates rallied around Israel, there is a divide within the party between foreign policy hawks and those favoring a more isolationist approach.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida faulted the Biden administration’s foreign policy decisions in the Middle East, stating that “Israel is now paying the price for those policies.”

Mr. Biden pledged solidarity with Israel and condemned the attacks by Hamas. He assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the United States’ support.

Strong Words for Republicans with a Hands-off Approach

Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized fellow Republicans who prefer a more hands-off approach to conflicts abroad. He blamed the Biden administration for projecting weakness on the world stage and allowing American retreat.

Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina denounced the attacks as acts of terrorism, emphasizing the bloodthirsty nature of Hamas.

The Importance of Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur, called the attacks “barbaric and medieval” in a social media post. He reaffirmed Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, stating that Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah cannot prevail.

Contributors: Michael Gold contributed reporting from Waterloo, Iowa, and Nicholas Nehamas from Keosauqua, Iowa.

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