Biden reassures Hill Democrats he will continue running for president

President Biden Commits to Reelection Bid Despite Concerns

President Joe Biden reassured congressional Democrats in a letter that he remains steadfast in his decision to continue his reelection campaign, dismissing doubts about his mental acuity and campaign viability. The letter, obtained by CNN, emphasized Biden’s determination to defeat Donald Trump and unite the party.

Addressing Concerns and Moving Forward

Biden urged fellow Democrats to focus on the task at hand and unite to secure victory in November. He emphasized the urgency to set aside internal tensions and concentrate on defeating Trump, highlighting the limited time remaining until the Democratic Convention and the general election.

Week of Challenges and Engagement

As Biden faces a critical week in his campaign, he aims to address escalating concerns within the party. He recently participated in an unscripted interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to connect with voters and dispel doubts about his capabilities.

Outreach to Democratic Lawmakers

Biden plans to engage with Democratic lawmakers throughout the week to garner support and reinforce his commitment to the party. He seeks to reassure party leaders and members about his candidacy amid growing uncertainty.

Support from Hill Democrats and Donor Outreach

The Biden campaign has highlighted endorsements from key Democrats, showcasing continued backing for the president’s candidacy. Additionally, the campaign is hosting a donor call to maintain financial support and address concerns about fundraising efforts.


Despite facing challenges and uncertainties, President Biden remains resolute in his decision to seek reelection and defeat Donald Trump. His outreach efforts to unite the party and secure backing from key stakeholders demonstrate his commitment to the campaign.

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