Biden to visit Israel amidst ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict: Latest updates from Gaza

President Biden’s Visit to Israel and Jordan

President Biden’s Visit to Israel and Jordan

Biden Stands in Solidarity with Israel

President Biden has announced that he will be visiting Israel on Wednesday to express solidarity with the U.S. ally in the face of Hamas’s recent terrorist attack. The president’s visit is a strong symbol of support and commitment to Israel’s security. You can read more about it here.

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Following his visit to Israel, President Biden will travel to Jordan to discuss the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He will meet with Jordanian King Abdullah II, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to explore ways to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. The situation is dire, with as many as a million people displaced from the northern part of the enclave. For more information, click here.

Avoiding Occupation of Gaza

While President Biden is committed to providing Israel with military and diplomatic support, he has also urged restraint regarding the possibility of Israel occupying Gaza. He believes that such a move would be a big mistake. His approach aims to maintain peace and stability in the region. Read more about it here.

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