Brian Stelter Says He ‘Was a Big Fan’ of Tucker Carlson; Fox Firing Comments ‘Really Resonated’ After CNN Ouster (Video)

Brian Stelter, the former host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” revealed in a recent podcast interview that he was once a “big fan” of Tucker Carlson. However, their friendship soured over time, and Stelter stopped responding to Carlson’s texts as they became increasingly toxic. Stelter discussed his relationship with Carlson during an appearance on Steve Krakauer’s “Fourth Watch” podcast, where he was promoting his new book, “Network of Lies: The Epic Saga of Fox News, Donald Trump, and the Battle for American Democracy.”

During the interview, Krakauer referred to Carlson as the main character in Stelter’s book and asked about their earlier relationship. Stelter recalled that he was a fan of Carlson during his “Crossfire” days, admiring his unpredictable libertarian streak and young energy. However, Stelter noticed a change in Carlson’s tone when he joined Fox News and gained a primetime show. Stelter believed that Carlson began catering to a radicalized audience, which altered his persona and the way he delivered news.

The interview also touched on the strained relationship between Stelter and Carlson, with Carlson recently referring to Stelter as a “sad little moron.” Krakauer asked Stelter about the theory that the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit was the reason for Stelter’s departure from CNN. Stelter dismissed the theory, stating that he didn’t buy it for a second and that it didn’t make any sense. He also mentioned that Dominion actually wanted Carlson as a witness and that Carlson’s skepticism towards Sidney Powell’s evidence actually helped the company’s case.

Stelter acknowledged that he related to Carlson’s comment about being fired, as he was also ousted from CNN in 2022. He found it interesting that Carlson, who seemed to plot revenge against Fox News, said that getting fired was good for him. Stelter believed that Carlson played a role in engineering Powell’s fall from grace, removing one of the prominent promoters of the “big lie.”

While Stelter denied that Carlson was a source for his book, he did admit that their relationship had soured, and he stopped answering Carlson’s texts due to their hateful nature. Stelter concluded the interview by stating that Carlson’s firing from Fox News was likely the result of multiple factors, not just one incident.

The interview provided insight into the evolving relationship between Brian Stelter and Tucker Carlson, from their initial friendship to their current rivalry. Stelter’s new book delves into the battle between Fox News, Donald Trump, and the fight for American democracy, with Carlson playing a significant role. As the arch-rivalry continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these two media personalities will continue to interact in the future.

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