Brooke Singman is The Most Powerful Fox News Reporter You’ve Never Heard Of

Fox News Digital correspondent Brooke Singman has emerged as one of the most powerful personalities at the conservative cable giant. Singman, who has been with Fox News for nine years, has risen through the ranks and has become known as a Trump whisperer, scoring scoop after scoop from Trumpworld. She has also become a regular presence on Fox News’ early morning programming, appearing daily on Fox & Friends First. However, Singman’s rise to fame has not come without controversy.

Sources at the network have revealed that Singman has gained a reputation for stepping on toes and encroaching on other reporters’ territory in order to get a story. She has also ruffled feathers with her seemingly unfettered access to Trump, which was previously limited to the network’s top hosts and anchors. Singman’s job title as a general politics reporter at Fox News Digital suggests that she works on a wide range of political stories and isn’t confined to a specific beat.

Another source of contention is that Singman seems to be exempt from the “hard rule” that governs on-air appearances for Fox News Digital reporters. While digital employees usually only get one-off opportunities to discuss their stories on air, Singman has appeared on Fox News and Fox Business Network programming at least 150 times in the past six months. She has also been a regular presence on Fox & Friends First since December 2020.

Singman’s close relationship with Trump has led some Republican campaign sources, Trumpworld operatives, and Fox News insiders to speculate that she could be a candidate for press secretary in a future Trump administration. Singman’s ascendance comes at a time when Trump himself has grown sour on the right-wing network that helped boost him to the White House.

Despite the controversy surrounding Singman, she has continued to churn out headline-making quotes from Trump. Her access to his inner circle has caused other GOP presidential campaigns to be wary of her. Some believe that she may be angling for a job in a prospective second Trump administration. Singman has recently reached out to CNN and NewsNation for potential jobs and has been meeting with talent agency CAA about a possible move.

While some GOP campaign operatives are suspicious of Singman, it hasn’t stopped her from pulling a slew of exclusives from the candidates. In recent weeks, she has published a number of scoops on Republican hopefuls such as Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, and Mike Pence. Singman has also developed close relationships within the current White House, resulting in numerous exclusives from the Biden administration.

Singman’s rise to fame at Fox News began at the start of the Trump era. Prior to joining the network, she obtained a degree in broadcast journalism and political science from Boston University and started her career as an on-air reporter for a Boston public access program.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Singman’s access to Trump and her ability to land exclusive interviews have made her a powerful figure at Fox News. Whether she will continue to rise in prominence or face backlash for her methods remains to be seen.

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