Celeste Maloy’s Perspective on Donald Trump’s Impeachments and Jan. 6

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Maloy: Trump’s Impeachment – Political Grandstanding or Last Resort?


As the race for the Republican nominee in Utah’s special congressional election heats up, Celeste Maloy, the GOP candidate, shares her thoughts on former President Donald Trump‘s impeachment. Maloy refers to it as “political grandstanding” and questions the necessity of the process.

Impeachment – A Political Showdown

In Maloy’s opinion, Trump’s impeachment was unnecessary, particularly regarding his involvement in the events of January 6. Maloy, who served as former Rep. Chris Stewart’s legal counsel at the time, believes that the House of Representatives should not have pursued impeachment, as Trump was set to leave office shortly after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Impeachment as a Last Resort

“I think we’ve made impeachment too easy of a process. It’s supposed to be an absolute last resort,” asserts Maloy. She emphasizes the importance of thoughtful consideration before initiating impeachment proceedings and highlights the need to avoid turning it into a political spectacle.

Impeachment in the Aftermath of the Capitol Attack

Just five days after the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the House of Representatives initiated a second round of impeachment against Trump. Maloy points out that at that time, it was clear that Trump would not be removed from office, reinforcing her belief that the impeachment process was driven by political motives rather than genuine concerns.

Stewart’s Stance and Maloy’s Involvement

Maloy avoids discussing her advice to Stewart regarding the events leading up to and following the attempted insurrection. However, she shares that she refrains from divulging private office conversations and respects Stewart’s decision-making process.

Disagreement on the 2020 Election Results

While Maloy does not disclose how she would have acted if she were in Stewart’s position, she expresses her disagreement with his decision to reject the 2020 election results. According to Maloy, the certification of state elections should be left to the individual states, and Congress should refrain from interfering in that process.

Alignment with Electoral Count Reform

Maloy’s stance aligns with the electoral count reform bill passed by Congress in 2022. This bill makes it more challenging for Congress to reject a state’s slate of electors. However, Maloy does not clarify whether her position has evolved since the passage of this legislation.

Acknowledging the Election Outcome

Maloy unequivocally states that Joe Biden won the last presidential election, settling any doubts regarding her acceptance of the election results.

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