Chuck Hand, Jan. 6 rioter, defeated in Georgia’s 2nd District GOP primary runoff

Georgia Jan. 6 Defendant Loses House Seat Primary

After serving 20 days in prison for his involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol, Charles Hand III, also known as Chuck Hand, lost a Republican primary runoff for a House seat in Georgia. The Associated Press projected his defeat, with former Trump administration official Wayne Johnson emerging as the winner. The two candidates competed to challenge Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop in the election.

A crowd of people at the Capitol
Charles Hand, foreground, second right, holding a mask to his face at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
U.S. District Court

Debate Drama and Criminal History

Hand was defeated in the runoff after a dramatic debate where a former candidate, Michael Nixon, raised concerns about the criminal past of Hand’s wife, Mandy Robinson-Hand, who was his co-defendant in the Jan. 6 case. Federal prosecutors highlighted Robinson-Hand’s previous conviction in 2008 for possession of oxycodone with intent to distribute, among other charges.

A side by side of Hand holding the metal fencing and the object in his back pocket
Charles Hand admitted that he “broke a piece of metal fencing and placed it in his back pants pocket.”
U.S. District Court

Legal Troubles and Personal Confessions

In his sentencing memo, Hand admitted to participating in the Jan. 6 riot, despite witnessing violence against police officers and property destruction. His letter to the judge revealed a history of DUI arrests and a tragic incident involving his wife that left her severely injured. Hand’s past actions and decisions were scrutinized during the campaign.

Jan. 6 Fallout

More than 1,400 individuals have faced charges related to the Capitol attack, resulting in over 1,000 convictions. Sentences have ranged from short terms to lengthy incarcerations, like the case of a Proud Boys leader who received 22 years in federal prison for seditious conspiracy. Hand was just one of many Jan. 6 participants seeking elected positions in the current political landscape.

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