Client Claims Drybar Charged for Additional Time Due to Worker’s Tardiness

### Customer Calls for Boycott of Drybar

A Drybar customer, Ke’Era Battin, took to TikTok to call for a boycott of the salon after alleging that she was treated poorly during her visit. In a viral video that has garnered over 390,400 views, Battin raised concerns about the treatment of women of color at the establishment. She accused Drybar of discriminating against Black women and shared her experience as an example of this discrimination.

### Allegations of Discriminatory Practices

According to Battin, Drybar charged her extra for her hair services, despite not receiving any special treatment. She questioned the additional $15 charge labeled as an extended fee when checking out. The hairdresser explained that the charge was due to the service exceeding an hour, attributing the extended time to the texture and length of Battin’s hair. Battin expressed her frustration at what she perceived as discriminatory treatment based on her hair texture.

### Response from Drybar and Viewer Reactions

Drybar, a salon chain specializing in blowouts, emphasizes inclusivity in its Diversity & Inclusion Statement, aiming to make all customers feel welcome regardless of hair type, race, or other factors. Despite this, Battin felt discriminated against, prompting her call for a boycott. In response to the viral video, some viewers expressed surprise that a Black woman would choose Drybar for their hair services, while others noted that upcharging based on hair texture and length is common practice in many salons.

### Differing Experiences and Recommendations

While Battin’s experience shed light on alleged discrimination at Drybar, other TikTok users of color shared positive experiences with the salon. Some Black women praised their stylists for excellent service, while others advised women of color to check for stylists of color at their local Drybar locations before making an appointment. Overall, the issue sparked a conversation about inclusivity and fair treatment in beauty establishments.

### Seeking Comments from Drybar and Battin

The Daily Dot reached out to Drybar and Ke’Era Battin for comments on the situation, but responses are pending. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusive practices in the beauty industry and the need for all customers to feel respected and valued during their salon visits.

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