Coffee shades spill from TikTok into the fashion mainstream: Embrace the latte trend

The Rise of Latte Fashion: From Social Media Trend to Mainstream Movement

When does a style trend on social media make the leap to mainstream fashion movement? In the case of “latte fashion”, it’s the adoption by Hollywood A-listers, as well as a heavy presence on every street, bus, and cafe – and on the catwalk.

The Roots of Latte Fashion

Latte fashion, characterized by the dominance of coffee shades ranging from beige to taupe to darker browns, has its roots in beauty influencers on TikTok reviving the tan foundation and bronzer look that was popular in the early 2000s. The term was coined by #BeautyTok personality Rachel Rigler, who described it as “warm, milky, and effortless”. Since then, coffee-inspired fashion has spilled over into the mainstream.

Celebrities Embrace the Trend

Hollywood celebrities have been quick to embrace latte fashion. Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing an oversize beige wool car coat, tan wide-leg trousers, and a cream silk shirt. The Princess of Wales attended a charity engagement in a caramel-tone suit, and Meghan Markle announced her latest project in a tunic-neck beige top and matching slacks. Even actor Timothée Chalamet has been sporting a darker, mocha shade leather blazer.

From Social Media to the Runway

It is not uncommon for popular looks and trends on social media platforms to cross into offline spaces. At Paris Fashion Week, fawn and camel were prominent in the collections of top brands like Miu Miu, Prada, and Gucci. London Fashion Week also saw the inclusion of coffee-inspired fashion, with brands like 16Arlington even using recycled coffee grounds as part of their runway show.

Accessible Options for Everyone

While high-end luxury brands showcase latte fashion on the runways, there are more accessible options for those on a budget. Stylist Rachael Bundu recommends brands like Re Ona, Cos, and Other Stories for those looking to incorporate coffee shades into their wardrobe. The versatility of neutrals also makes them appealing, as they can easily be paired with existing pieces.

The Timelessness of Neutrals

Fashion experts note that soft, neutral tones have always been associated with luxury and timeless elegance. Stylist Rebekah Roy suggests that investing in accessories like a handbag or a pair of brown boots can refresh any wardrobe. The appeal of neutrals lies in their simplicity and ability to convey a sense of prestige and sophistication.

The Cortado Rule and Styling Tips

For those looking for instant sophistication, there’s the “cortado rule” – espresso hues below the waistline and creamier tones and lighter textures above. However, wearing one color head to toe, as Jennifer Lawrence does, is also an easy way to look pulled-together. While lighter tones signify elegance, darker shades are more practical for everyday wear and suit a variety of hair colors and skin tones.

The Future of Latte Fashion

While fashion experts predict that bold reds and metallics will make a comeback in the future, they emphasize that cream sweaters and coffee-inspired neutrals are timeless staples that should never be abandoned. Latte fashion is here to stay, and many are embracing the almond trousers and other coffee-inspired pieces as part of their everyday style.

In conclusion, latte fashion has made the leap from social media trend to mainstream movement, with Hollywood celebrities and fashion brands embracing coffee-inspired shades. The versatility and timelessness of neutrals make them a popular choice for those looking to elevate their style, and there are accessible options available for every budget. Whether it’s following the “cortado rule” or wearing one color head to toe, latte fashion offers a sophisticated and effortless look that is here to stay.

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