Comedian from ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Mr. Show’ pleads guilty in January 6 Capitol riot

Jay Johnston Pleads Guilty for Capitol Attack

Jay Johnston, Comedian from Popular TV Shows, Pleads Guilty for U.S. Capitol Attack

Comedian Admits Guilt in U.S. Capitol Attack

Renowned comedian Jay Johnston, recognized for his roles in hit TV shows like “Mr. Show” and “Arrested Development,” has confessed to a felony charge of obstructing officers during the January 6, 2021, chaos at the U.S. Capitol. Dressed in a gray suit, Johnston stood before U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols and unequivocally declared, “Guilty.” The sentencing hearing is set for October 7, with deadlines for the prosecution and defense to submit their sentencing memos.

Indictment and Allegations

Post his arrest, Johnston was indicted by a federal grand jury along with four other individuals linked to the January 6 events. The government alleges that these five men were involved in the violent clash at the lower west tunnel entrance to the Capitol, marked by intense confrontations between rioters and law enforcement. The FBI’s evidence includes footage of Johnston passing a stolen Capitol police shield to fellow rioters and partaking in assaulting officers guarding the tunnel.

FBI Listing and Professional Consequences

Johnston’s image was featured as No. 247 on the FBI’s Capitol Violence website, showcasing images of wanted individuals from the incident. The FBI confirms contact from Johnston’s lawyer in March 2021 to reveal his identity. Additionally, three of Johnston’s acquaintances corroborated his presence at the Capitol on January 6. Johnston has faced repercussions in his career, including the removal of his character, Jimmy Pesto Sr., from “Bob’s Burgers” following his involvement in the Capitol attack.

FBI Arrests and Convictions

Since the January 6 attack, the FBI has made over 1,400 arrests, resulting in more than 1,000 convictions. While many received probation, over 540 individuals have faced prison sentences, emphasizing the severity of the consequences. Recent Supreme Court rulings regarding obstruction charges are anticipated to impact numerous cases linked to the Capitol riot.

Associates’ Testimonies and Plea Guilty Cases

Associates of Johnston identified him from FBI photos and shared incriminating text messages confirming his presence at the riot. Alongside Johnston, Dana Jean Bell from Texas also pleaded guilty for assaulting a police officer during the January 6 riot. The Justice Department has initiated over 1,200 criminal cases related to the Capitol assault, with more than 700 guilty pleas recorded.

Restitution Payments and Presidential Pardon

The government is striving to recover court-ordered restitution payments for damages caused by the rioters. Former President Donald Trump‘s public statements on pardoning January 6 defendants raise questions about the possibility of commuting restitution payments for convicted individuals.

Sources: NBC News, CBS News

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