Country singer Jordan Davis shares wild adventure with Luke Bryan: ‘He’s a character’

Country singer Jordan Davis recently shared some stories about his experiences in the music industry and his friendship with fellow country star Luke Bryan. Despite his growing fame and busy touring schedule, Davis finds time to enjoy some shenanigans with Bryan. He revealed that he has never been pranked by Bryan but has had some memorable moments with him.

One of these experiences was a duck hunting trip with Bryan, which Davis described as a “blast.” He also shared a story about shooting the music video for their duet “Buy Dirt,” where a storm caused a production delay. Instead of waiting around, Bryan suggested they go on a drive to look for red stag on his farm. Davis described Bryan as a character and expressed his admiration for him and other singers like Kenny Chesney.

Davis sees Bryan and Chesney as inspirations in the industry and feels privileged to have a song out with Bryan after being a fan of his music for years. He believes that Nashville is a special community where artists support and inspire each other. Davis is currently on his “Damn Good Time” tour, named after one of his songs, and aims to create an enjoyable experience for his fans.

Aside from his music career, Davis is also a father to three young children. He admits that balancing work and family is challenging, but he tries to make the most of his time with his kids. Davis cherishes the moments spent with his children and makes an effort to be present when he is home.

Looking ahead, Davis is excited to headline shows overseas in February. He has always wanted to build a fan base overseas and is eager to return to places he previously opened for Old Dominion. Davis remains humble in his success and hopes to continue improving as a songwriter and performer.

Winning the Country Music Award for 2022’s song of the year with “Buy Dirt” was a defining moment for Davis. He reflected on how far he has come in his career and expressed gratitude for his supportive family. Despite the challenges and tiring nature of his work, Davis remains passionate and dedicated to creating great music and putting on memorable performances for his fans.

In conclusion, Jordan Davis is a talented country singer who is enjoying his growing popularity and success. He values his friendship with Luke Bryan and finds inspiration in artists like Bryan and Kenny Chesney. Davis strives to balance his work and family life while continuing to improve as a musician. As he embarks on his international tour, he looks forward to connecting with fans overseas and building a global fan base.

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