Courts: Witness Claims Trump Incited Jan. 6 Capitol Attack During Colorado Ballot Disqualification Hearing

Trump’s Role in Capitol Attack

Analyzing Trump’s Alleged Role in the Capitol Attack


During a recent hearing in Denver District Court, an expert on political extremism testified that Donald Trump played a key role in inciting the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The hearing was part of a lawsuit aimed at preventing Trump from appearing on Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot. The lawsuit argues that Trump’s actions on that day disqualify him from holding federal office.

Trump’s Alleged Incitement

Eric Olson, representing the petitioners, argued that the attempt by Trump’s followers to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s victory amounted to an insurrection, with evidence pointing to Trump’s command. On the other hand, Scott Gessler, Trump’s lead attorney, argued that Trump’s remarks were merely political speech and similar to what Democrats often express.

Implications for the Colorado Lawsuit

Judge Sarah B. Wallace plans to issue a decision before Thanksgiving, giving time for appeals before Colorado’s deadline to certify the state’s primary ballot. This lawsuit is one of several based on the 14th Amendment that have been filed across the country, highlighting the significance of the issue.

The Relationship Between Trump and Extremists

Peter Simi, a sociology professor specializing in political violence, testified that Trump had established a relationship with far-right extremists over the years. Simi’s analysis indicates that Trump’s influence and alignment with these groups led to their involvement in the Capitol attack.

Evidence of Trump’s Role

Simi presented various pieces of evidence to support his claims, including Trump’s promotion of the “birtherism” conspiracy theory and his repeated claims of election fraud. Simi argued that Trump’s endorsement of violence and his consistent use of language with multiple meanings indicated a pattern of encouraging extremist behavior.

Context and Perception

Under cross-examination, Simi acknowledged that some communication strategies used by Trump were common in various settings. However, he maintained that a rigorous analysis demonstrated Trump’s unique pattern of encouraging violence. Legal counsel for Trump cited the movie “Dumb and Dumber” to argue that perception can vary regardless of intent.

The Importance of Context

Simi emphasized the importance of considering the context in which messages are delivered. He argued that previous communication between speakers and their audience, as well as the overall relationship, should be taken into account when evaluating inflammatory statements.

Trump’s Response to the Attack

A national security expert testified that Trump failed to take action to repel the attack on the Capitol, despite available options. This raises concerns about his constitutional responsibilities to protect the security of the United States.

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