Criticism of Alito’s flag by Mike Pence called ‘absurd’ after being targeted on Jan. 6

Mike Pence Defends Symbolism of Flag Flown at Alito Home and Capitol Riot

The controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s display of the “Appeal to Heaven” flag outside his New Jersey beach house has sparked national debate. The flag, carrying historical significance from the Revolutionary War era, was commissioned by George Washington in 1775. The phrase on the flag derived from English philosopher John Locke. Former Vice President Mike Pence defended its symbolism, emphasizing its roots in American history and the principles of Faith and Freedom.

Alito’s Flags and the Capitol Riot Connection

The New York Times recently reported that not only did the “Appeal to Heaven” flag fly over Alito’s vacation home, but an upside-down American flag, carried by some Capitol attackers, also flew over his Virginia residence in January 2021. Alito clarified that the inverted flag was a response to a neighbor dispute, but has not addressed the “Appeal to Heaven” flag controversy.

Controversy and Criticism

While Pence and supporters see the flag as a celebration of American heritage, critics, including the Freedom From Religion Foundation, view it as a sectarian symbol endorsing Christianity. Some argue that judges, like Alito, should refrain from displaying such political expressions and even call for his recusal from cases related to Donald Trump‘s election interference charges, citing concerns about impartiality.

Comparisons to former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who did not recuse herself from cases involving Trump despite public criticisms, highlight the complexities of judicial neutrality in a politically charged environment.

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