Death of High School Principal in Iowa School Shooting

Tragic School Shooting in Perry, Iowa

Tragic School Shooting in Perry, Iowa

A Principal’s Sacrifice

The Perry Community School District suffered a great loss when Principal Dan Marburger, 56, tragically succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon him during the school shooting on Jan. 4. The incident occurred at Perry High School, where a 17-year-old student named Dylan Butler opened fire. Marburger, along with five students, was shot in the early morning as students returned from their winter break. The courageous principal valiantly put himself in harm’s way, ensuring the safety of as many students and staff as possible.

A Community in Mourning

The close-knit community of Perry, located 40 miles northwest of Des Moines and home to 8,000 residents, will forever be touched by the selflessness of Mr. Marburger. Not only was he an exceptional educator, but he was also a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa expressed her deep condolences and announced that flags at major government and public properties across the state would be lowered to half-staff in honor of Marburger. She encouraged businesses, schools, and individuals to follow suit.

A Life Lost, a Hero Remembered

Governor Reynolds hailed Principal Marburger as a true hero, praising his courageous actions in protecting his students, even at the cost of his own life. The entire state of Iowa mourns his loss, and he will be remembered for his selflessness and heroism. The shooting sent shockwaves through the small city of Perry, as the victims and the gunman were not strangers. Marburger was known for being a friendly and outgoing educator, while Dylan Butler was described as a little odd but not someone suspected of violence.

A Heartbroken School Community

The Perry Community School District, in a statement posted on social media, paid tribute to Principal Marburger, describing him as a tremendous leader. The entire school community is devastated by his untimely death, and his absence will be deeply felt by all.

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