Disappointed Democrats Stand by Biden Despite Tough Debate Showing

Reactions to First Presidential Debate

Following the first presidential debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, various opinions emerged among congressional Democrats.

Support Despite Criticism

Despite acknowledging Biden’s raspy delivery and verbal stumbles during the debate, many Democrats remain supportive, urging others to stay the course.

Focus on Substance

Longtime Biden ally Rep. Jim Clyburn emphasized the importance of focusing on Biden’s record and substance rather than stylistic difficulties, urging nervous Democrats to remain steadfast.

Praise for Biden’s Integrity

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi commended President Biden for his integrity during the debate, contrasting it with the perceived dishonesty of former President Trump.

Obama’s Endorsement

Former President Barack Obama took to social media to reaffirm his support for Biden, highlighting the choice between someone who fights for ordinary people and someone who is self-serving.

Uncertain Future

While some Democrats expressed uncertainty about Biden’s fitness for another term following the debate, others stressed the need for ongoing discussions and assessments.

Campaign Response

The Biden campaign, in response to post-debate assessments, emphasized that the race remains close and reiterated its commitment to the current strategy without considering any changes.

Biden’s Admission

Addressing concerns about his performance, President Biden admitted his missteps at a campaign rally, highlighting his age and physical limitations but reaffirming his commitment to honesty.

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