DOJ Investigations and Legal Actions Still Ongoing 38 Months After January 6 Capitol Attack

The Capitol Violence Investigation: A Comprehensive Update


As the nation commemorates the 38-month anniversary of the U.S. Capitol insurrection, the Department of Justice (DOJ) reaffirms its dedication to ensuring accountability for those involved. Despite the political landscape, the DOJ remains focused on holding individuals responsible for their actions.

Since the events of January 6, 2021, the investigation into the Capitol breach has made remarkable progress. With over $2.9 million in estimated losses due to the attack, the DOJ, alongside the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI, has pursued justice with unprecedented speed and intensity.

Prosecutions and Charges

More than 1,300 defendants from all states and the District of Columbia have faced charges related to the Capitol breach, ranging from assaulting officers to obstructing official proceedings. Among the accused are individuals charged with attacking law enforcement officers and members of the media during the violent events.

  • 486 defendants charged with assaulting officers or employees
  • 11 individuals arrested for attacking members of the media
  • Over 350 defendants charged with obstructing official proceedings

Plea Deals and Sentencing

Approximately 769 individuals have pleaded guilty to various federal charges, including felonies related to assaults on law enforcement officers. The DOJ reports that sentencing has resulted in hundreds of defendants facing incarceration or home detention, with some individuals receiving lengthy prison terms for their actions.

Trials have led to convictions for numerous defendants, particularly in cases involving assaults on officers and obstruction of justice during the chaos at the Capitol.

Ongoing Investigations and Public Assistance

The FBI continues to seek public assistance in identifying suspects involved in the Capitol violence. Efforts to locate individuals like Evan Neumann, Adam Villarreal, and Paul Belosic, who engaged in altercations with law enforcement, remain a top priority. The FBI encourages citizens to provide any relevant information that could aid ongoing investigations through their website.

Despite challenges in prosecuting certain individuals, the DOJ remains resolute in its pursuit of justice for the events of January 6, emphasizing a collaborative approach with federal, state, and local partners to address criminal activities effectively.

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