Donald Trump Jr. Urged Mark Meadows to Have Trump Speak During January 6 Riot in Effort to Stop Violence

House Committee Recommends Contempt Charges for Mark Meadows

Text messages revealed during a recent committee meeting show that Donald Trump Jr. urgently contacted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the January 6 Capitol riot, pleading for President Donald Trump to intervene and address the violence.

Messages Sent During the Capitol Riot

Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chair of the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack, presented the messages sent to Meadows during the insurrection, emphasizing the need for Trump to make a public statement to denounce the chaos.

Urgent Requests for Presidential Intervention

Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows multiple times, urging him to persuade the president to address the situation immediately. “He’s got to condemn this ASAP,” Trump Jr. emphasized, pushing for a prompt response from Trump.

Criminal Contempt Recommendation

The committee recommended charging Meadows with criminal contempt after he halted his cooperation with the investigation. Despite withdrawing his cooperation, Meadows had previously provided the committee with emails, texts, and other relevant information related to the insurrection.

Additional Appeals for Intervention

Meadows also received texts from Fox News hosts and lawmakers, including pleas for him to have the president speak out. Brian Kilmeade from “Fox & Friends” implored Meadows to get Trump on TV, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

Trump’s Response and Controversy

Eventually, President Trump made a statement urging his supporters to disperse, but reports suggest that he initially enjoyed watching the Capitol chaos unfold. This revelation has sparked further debate and scrutiny surrounding the events of January 6.

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