Economists advise against Australia mirroring US Inflation Reduction Act in pursuit of net zero transition

Australia’s Energy Transformation Strategy

Avoiding a Dollar-for-Dollar Approach

A group of leading economists in Australia are urging Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to follow the United States’ ambitious clean energy investment strategy. While Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act aims to allocate a significant amount of federal funding towards clean energy initiatives, Australia’s economists are cautioning against mimicking this approach.

Supporting Innovation Across the Economy

Instead of focusing on specific industries for government subsidies, the majority of economists recommend providing grants to innovative firms across various sectors of the economy. This approach, supported by 44 top economists, emphasizes the importance of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Australia.

Economic Modelling and Policy Recommendations

Experts like Warwick McKibbin and Frank Jotzo advocate for labour market reforms and ensuring government support delivers national benefits. McKibbin suggests contingent loans for successful businesses, while Jotzo emphasizes the importance of supporting projects that contribute to the nation’s growth rather than individual company profits.

Supplying Resources for Green Industries

Former chief economist Mark Cully suggests that Australia should focus on supplying resources to countries like the US, European Union, and South Korea for their green industries. He highlights the need to invest in research and development across the economy to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Public Investments and Corporate Rent-Seeking

Economists like Janine Dixon and Saul Eslake emphasize the importance of ensuring public investments benefit the entire population, not just private companies. They caution against corporate rent-seeking and stress the need for government support to be directed towards sustainable economic growth.

Urgent Attention to Prevent Further Decline

Consultant Rana Roy warns of a significant decline in living standards and urges the government to prioritize measures to prevent further economic downturn. With the upcoming changes in US leadership, Australia must strategize its energy transformation plan wisely to stay ahead in the global market.

Embracing Sustainable Solutions

Many economists advocate for a carbon tax as a more effective way to Reduce Emissions, rather than picking winners through selective subsidies. While supporting a well-designed grants scheme, experts like Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Nicki Hutley stress the importance of imposing conditions to ensure value for money and long-term sustainability.

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