Exclusive: Zooey Deschanel Partners with Vera Bradley for New Launch, Reflects on First Item from the Brand

### Zooey Deschanel Collaborates with Vera Bradley

Actress Zooey Deschanel is nostalgic for her very first Vera Bradley item, a small toiletry case she owned in high school. Now, Deschanel, 44, is thrilled to announce her collaboration with the brand as it embarks on an exciting relaunch debuting Thursday, July 11.

### New Collection Features Colorful Assortment

The new collection features a colorfully printed assortment of handbags, luggage, scarves, and accessories. Deschanel’s favorites include the Miramar Weekender in Trillium, the Blake Crossbody in Moonless Night, and several leather styles in the Bloom Cottage Cream print.

### Embracing Bold Patterns

Deschanel, known for her love of bold, kitschy prints, embraces the bold patterns in the latest Vera Bradley offering. She likes to coordinate her outfit around them and shares that there are five essentials she always keeps in her Vera Bradley: phone, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, mints, and keys.

### Vera Bradley’s Revamp and Expansion

As part of its revamp, Vera Bradley is expanding its bag selection with new fabrications and silhouettes, while also enhancing some of its best-selling styles to modernize the shape, fabric, and color. The brand aims to meet the needs of today’s dynamic woman while celebrating its brand DNA that has been loved for over 40 years.

### Reflecting on Nostalgic Trends and Hope for the Future

Deschanel expresses excitement about Vera Bradley making a comeback and offering elevated takes on their beloved basics. However, she admits there are some trends from the early 2000s that she hopes stay in the past, like low-rise jeans. Deschanel recalls wearing free low-rise jeans at film festivals and realizing they weren’t for her, but acknowledges that they may look great on others.

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