Exit poll indicates Poland’s populist ruling party poised to lose majority

Power Shift in Poland: Populist Party Loses Parliamentary Majority

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Poland is experiencing a significant shift in power following a fiercely contested national election. The populist ruling party, known as PiS, is projected to lose its parliamentary majority, opening up opportunities for the opposition bloc to take control with the support of smaller parties.

New Path to Power

Although PiS is expected to win the most seats, it falls short of a parliamentary majority. This paves the way for the opposition bloc led by Donald Tusk, former prime minister and European Council president, to potentially form a government through alliances with smaller parties.

Declarations of Victory

Both Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the PiS chairman, and Donald Tusk tried to claim victory on election night. However, the formation of the new government is likely to be determined through days of negotiations.

Centrist Coalition as Kingmakers

A smaller coalition called Third Way may play a crucial role in the formation of the new government. While this centrist bloc has criticized both major parties, its leader Szymon Hołownia has been vocal about not aligning with the incumbent PiS.

Ramifications for Poland and Beyond

The outcome of this election has far-reaching implications for Poland’s future direction and the balance of power within the European Union. It also holds significance for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Controversial PiS Rule

PiS has faced criticism from the EU and Polish opposition for allegedly undermining democratic institutions during its time in power. The party has exerted greater government control over the judiciary, public media, and cultural bodies, and has taken a hard stance on abortion access and LGBTQ+ rights.

Sharp Campaign Exchanges

The campaign witnessed heated exchanges between PiS and Tusk’s opposition coalition. PiS accused Tusk of being subservient to Brussels and Berlin, while the opposition coalition presented itself as a force for change.

Key Concerns for Voters

Inflation and border security have been key concerns for voters throughout the campaign. The developments in the election were also closely monitored in Kyiv, as Poland is an important ally in Ukraine’s fight against Russian forces.

Poland’s Role in Ukraine

Poland has played a crucial role in supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. However, tensions between the two countries arose during a dispute over the import of Ukrainian grain.

Election Outcome

The election involved the selection of members for both houses of Poland’s parliament. A party needs to secure at least 231 seats in the Sejm, the lower house, to wield majority power.

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