Expansion of Pueblo Plant Motivated by Inflation Reduction Act

CS WIND Manufacturing Plant in Pueblo

CS WIND Manufacturing Plant: A Leading Tower Supplier

PUEBLO, Colorado — President Joe Biden is set to embark on his Investing in America Tour, with a visit to the renowned CS WIND manufacturing plant in Pueblo on Monday. As the demand for wind towers continues to grow, CS WIND, a South Korean-based wind tower manufacturer, has been making significant strides in expanding its workforce to meet this demand.

A Growing Force in Tower Manufacturing

CS WIND’s Chairman, Gim Seong-Gon, expressed his ambition to become the premier tower manufacturer and supplier in the world. With this goal in mind, CS WIND has been working tirelessly to expand its operations and increase its market share.

A Facility Built for Success

The Pueblo facility, originally built in 2009 by Danish wind producer Vestas, underwent a change in ownership when it was acquired by CS WIND in 2021. This strategic move has positioned CS WIND to take advantage of the growing wind energy market in the United States.

Driving Wind Production and Job Creation

The Inflation Reduction Act, a key piece of legislation championed by President Biden, has set the stage for a significant boost in American wind production. Estimates from the US Department of Energy predict that wind production will triple by 2030, thanks to the tax credits and renewable energy incentives provided by this law. CS WIND’s decision to expand its Pueblo facility is a direct response to this projected increase in demand.

Expanding Opportunities and Workforce

Under Chairman Gim’s leadership, CS WIND has experienced remarkable growth. In just one year, the number of employees at the Pueblo plant has more than doubled, from 373 to 923. To meet the rising demand, CS WIND plans to hire up to 1,300 additional employees in the coming months.

Gim highlighted the need for skilled workers, such as welders and painters, as well as individuals experienced in internal mounting. The jobs offered by CS WIND are well-paying opportunities that contribute to the economic prosperity of Pueblo.

A Vision for Renewable Energy

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar sees CS WIND’s investment as a significant step towards achieving his vision of making Pueblo the renewable energy capital of the state. With the presence of solar farms and the production of wind towers, Mayor Gradisar is optimistic about attracting even more renewable energy manufacturers to the area.

A Bright Future in Renewable Energy

Mayor Gradisar emphasized the compatibility of CS WIND’s towers with turbines from various manufacturers, including Vestas, Siemens, and GE. This versatility ensures that CS WIND’s products can be seamlessly integrated into existing wind energy infrastructure.

Furthermore, Mayor Gradisar is actively collaborating with local school districts and Pueblo Community College to create career pathways for individuals interested in joining the renewable energy sector. These initiatives aim to support the continued growth of CS WIND and other renewable manufacturers in the region.

Join the CS WIND Team

The Pueblo Workforce Center reports that starting pay for CS WIND positions ranges from $20 to $29 per hour. If you are interested in joining the CS WIND team, visit ConnectingColorado.com or the Pueblo Workforce Center at 212 E. 3rd Street in Pueblo to apply.

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