Experts say Hamas obtains its weapons through a combination of ingenuity, tenacity, resourcefulness, and a crucial mentor in the Israel Gaza conflict.

How Hamas Acquired Weapons for Attacks on Israel

How Hamas Acquired Weapons for Attacks on Israel

The recent brutal rampage by Islamist militant group Hamas on Israel involved a variety of weapons, including rockets, missiles, drones, and small arms. This attack, which resulted in the death and injury of thousands of people, was launched from the Hamas-ruled enclave of Gaza. Gaza is a small and densely populated area that has been under strict siege and isolation for almost 17 years. It is bordered by Israel on two sides and Egypt on one side.

Isolation of Gaza

Gaza is a poor area with limited resources and has been cut off from the rest of the world since Hamas seized control. Israel and Egypt have imposed a strict siege on the territory, and Israel maintains an air and naval blockade on Gaza. Additionally, there is a vast array of surveillance in place. This isolation has made it challenging for Hamas to acquire weapons through conventional means.

Methods of Acquiring Weapons

Hamas has managed to acquire weapons through a combination of guile, improvisation, tenacity, and the support of an overseas benefactor. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, Hamas obtains weapons through smuggling or local construction and receives military support from Iran.

Smuggling and Local Construction

Hamas has a massive tunnel infrastructure that it uses for smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip. Despite regular degradation by Israel and Egypt, these tunnels continue to serve as a means of acquiring arms. Hamas has also received arms from Iran via these tunnels, including longer-range systems.

Support from Iran

Iran has long been Hamas’ main military supporter, supplying weapons through both clandestine cross-border tunnels and boats that evade the Mediterranean blockade. In addition, Iran has been shipping more advanced ballistic missiles to Hamas through the sea, often in component form for construction in Gaza.


While the exact extent of Iran’s involvement in the recent attacks by Hamas is yet to be determined, experts agree that Iran has played a significant role in arming the militant group. Through a combination of smuggling, local construction, and military support from Iran, Hamas has been able to amass a considerable arsenal of weapons, enabling them to carry out coordinated attacks on Israel.

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