Explore Disney World’s Newest Fitness and Wellness Offerings

Health and Wellness Opportunities at Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey and Minnie Mouse sightings, thrilling rides, and delicious treats are what typically come to mind when thinking about Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. However, there is a lesser-known side to the parks that adds to the magic – a focus on health and wellness. During the recent Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, Disney World showcased its Fit-cation options, emphasizing how a trip to the park can be a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Walking and Running at Disney World

Visitors to Disney World naturally get their steps in while exploring the parks. According to Disney World Resorts, the average guest burns an estimated 1000 calories per day, equivalent to 5 Mickey ice cream bars. For those seeking a more intense workout, there is runDisney. Established in 1994, runDisney is one of the largest race organizers in the United States, with up to 170,000 runners participating each race season. The annual 6 event weekends offer runners of all ages the opportunity to take on courses throughout the parks before or after they are open to the public.

Pickleball and Other Outdoor Activities

Disney World Resort has embraced the latest sports craze – pickleball. There are now 10 pickleball courts across the resort properties, with some tennis courts being converted to accommodate this new fitness trend. During the Fit-cation events, instructors were available to guide guests through the rules and requirements of the sport. Other outdoor activities offered at Disney World include Disney movie-themed family fitness classes, basketball courts, fitness centers, jogging trails, and scavenger hunts.

Relaxation and Spa Services

While Disney World may not seem like the ideal place for relaxation, there are opportunities to unwind and recharge. The Grand Floridian Resort houses Disney World Resort’s only full-service spa, offering services like massages and manicures. Additional spa options can be found at the Dolphin Hotel and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Healthy Dining Options

Although Disney World is known for its indulgent treats, there are plenty of healthy dining options available. The resort offers nourishing dishes to cater to all tastes and appetites. These options include sustainable fish served over bok choy and lotus root in a ginger-lemon broth. The emphasis on providing healthier choices aligns with Disney World’s goal of giving guests more of what they want in terms of wellness.

A Wellness-Focused Experience

Disney World Resort’s initiatives in health and wellness aim to cater to guests’ desires for a more holistic experience. It’s not just about fitness but also about nurturing the mind, being in nature, and enjoying quality time with family.

Whether guests are participating in a runDisney event, engaging in outdoor activities, pampering themselves at a spa, or enjoying nourishing meals, Disney World Resort is proving that a trip to the parks can be both magical and beneficial for overall well-being.

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