Familiarize Yourself with the Climate Platforms of Candidates Running for Rhode Island’s CD1

Reimagining the Congressional Race for Rhode Island’s 1st District

Reimagining the Congressional Race for Rhode Island’s 1st District

Candidates Amo and Leonard Square Off in General Election

On Nov. 7, Democrat Gabe Amo and Republican Gerry Leonard will go head to head in the general election for Rhode Island’s 1st U.S. Congressional District.

The District and the Importance of Climate Change

The 1st district, which includes a significant portion of Providence and the eastern side of the state, is predominantly Democratic. Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than three-to-one, and in the 2020 election, President Joe Biden won by nearly 30 points. However, both Amo and Leonard must make their case to Rhode Islanders, particularly on the issue of climate change, which could have severe impacts across the state.

Addressing Climate Change: A Top Priority for Both Candidates

Both candidates have emphasized the importance of addressing climate change. Leonard stated, “Every one of us wants to make sure that our streets aren’t getting flooded, and that we have clean air and clean water.” Amo, on the other hand, is committed to raising awareness about climate change, making Rhode Island more resilient, and securing federal resources for the state’s climate initiatives.

Amo’s Climate Change Platform

Amo plans to work tirelessly to bring resources back to the Ocean State and raise awareness about climate change. He aims to make the state more resilient by focusing on coastal resilience, urban forestry, public buildings, and infrastructure. Amo also supports the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act and will advocate for additional federal legislation to combat climate change.

The Push for Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power

Leonard believes that transitioning to renewable energy in the next decade or so is not practical. Instead, he supports an “all-of-the-above energy policy” that includes a mix of fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable energy sources. Leonard particularly advocates for the expansion of nuclear power due to its reliability compared to wind and solar energy. He envisions the United States becoming a “net exporter” of cleaner fuel, generating revenue to invest in renewable infrastructure.

Amo’s Commitment to Climate Justice

Amo is dedicated to supporting climate justice. He aims to hold the Biden administration accountable to meet the goals of the Justice40 Initiative, ensuring that at least 40% of certain federal program benefits go to disadvantaged communities affected by climate change and pollution. Amo plans to collaborate with community organizations to access available resources and funding from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grant program.


Both candidates agree on the importance of clean air and water. While they may differ in their methods, their end goals align. Rhode Islanders will have the opportunity to decide which candidate’s approach to climate change and other key issues aligns with their vision for the state’s future.

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