FBI Informed of January 6 Rioter by His Homosexual Son, Who He Cross-Examined in Court: Expressed Pride and Love for Offspring

A Minnesota Man Attempts to Justify Capitol Riot Actions to Son

A Minnesota man found guilty of attacking two Capitol officers during the January 6 insurrection is now trying to explain his actions to his son. Recently convicted on 11 counts related to the riot, 44-year-old Brian Mock allowed The New York Times to witness their conversations. Mock is currently awaiting sentencing, and his adult son AJ, 21, played a vital role in his arrest.

During their recorded conversations, Mock showed AJ clips of himself participating in the attack at the Capitol. Mock paused one video frame where he appeared, emphasizing, “There. That’s me.” The video playback was accompanied by chants and explosions, while Mock explained his motivations to his disinterested son.

In another exchange, Mock attempted to make amends by mapping out his activities on a diagram. He included the National Mall, the Peace Circle, the Capitol, and even a food truck where he had lunch. AJ responded sarcastically, “Because of course you needed tacos to storm the Capitol.” Mock retorted with his own joke, saying, “What, you expect me to overthrow the government on an empty stomach?”

Despite his son’s betrayal, Mock expressed his love and pride for AJ at the end of their court confrontation. However, AJ’s lack of interest in his father’s attempts to justify his actions was evident. While Mock narrated footage of Trump supporters moving towards the Capitol, AJ remained preoccupied with his phone.

Mock faced several charges related to the riot, including assault against law enforcement officers. He tried to convince AJ that his actions were justified, pointing out incidents where he was pushed and had a concussion grenade explode near him. However, AJ showed little engagement throughout their conversations.

Prior to his arrest, Mock publicly criticized the portrayal of the Black Lives Matter protests as peaceful by what he referred to as “liberal media.” He also expressed disappointment in AJ’s support for the protests. Mock’s involvement in the riot, captured in numerous photos, showed him attacking a Capitol officer and aggressively shouting at others.

The evidence against Mock was strong, including footage of him shoving a Capitol officer to the ground, placing the officer in danger. Despite the chaos and violence, Mock still tried to justify his actions to his son, who remained distant and disinterested.

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