Fox’s New Legal Chief Ciongoli Brings Republican Ties to Job

Fox Corp. has announced that Adam Ciongoli, a veteran lawyer with strong conservative legal credentials, will be joining the company as its new chief legal and policy officer. Ciongoli, who most recently served as the general counsel for Campbell Soup Co., will officially assume his new role on December 1st. He will be replacing Viet Dinh, who is stepping down as the top lawyer at Fox. This change comes after Rupert Murdoch, the former chairman of Fox, announced in September that he would be stepping down from his position.

Fox Corp. continues to face legal battles related to its coverage of the fallout from the 2020 US presidential election. Earlier this year, the company agreed to pay $787 million to settle defamation claims by Dominion Voting Systems Inc., resolving one of several related lawsuits. These legal issues will be among the challenges that Ciongoli will have to navigate in his new role.

Ciongoli brings a wealth of experience to Fox Corp. He has previously clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. and worked under US Attorney General John Ashcroft during the George W. Bush administration. In a statement, Ciongoli expressed his excitement to join Fox at a dynamic time in the media industry.

As the new chief legal and policy officer, Ciongoli will be responsible for leading Fox’s legal, compliance, and regulatory functions, as well as overseeing government affairs. He is set to receive a total compensation package of approximately $28 million over the next six years. This package includes an annual base salary of nearly $1.8 million, a target bonus of $2.8 million, and $3 million in stock awards.

Ciongoli’s appointment also highlights his close ties to some of Fox’s current and former legal executives. He has previously worked with Viet Dinh and Jeffrey Taylor, both of whom served in the Justice Department under John Ashcroft. Taylor, who is currently Fox’s general counsel, will report to Ciongoli on the corporate side of the company.

Prior to joining Campbell Soup Co., Ciongoli worked at Kirkland & Ellis, where he was mentored by prominent conservative litigators Kenneth Starr and Paul Clement. He also clerked for Justice Alito on two occasions. Ciongoli’s decision to assist Alito during his confirmation process led to him becoming the first in-house lawyer to argue before the Supreme Court in 2010.

Ciongoli’s departure from Campbell Soup Co. will see Charles Brawley III, a longtime deputy general counsel and corporate secretary, take over as the company’s legal chief. Ciongoli received more than $3.7 million in total compensation from Campbell Soup during the last fiscal year.

Overall, Ciongoli’s appointment as Fox Corp.’s chief legal and policy officer brings a seasoned legal expert with conservative credentials to the company. He will be tasked with navigating the ongoing legal battles faced by Fox while leading the legal, compliance, and regulatory functions of the company.

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