Freedom Vy, a member of Philly Proud Boys, admits to participating in Capitol riot on Jan. 6

Philadelphia Proud Boys Involved in U.S. Capitol Riot

On January 6, 2021, members of the Philadelphia Proud Boys made their way to the upper west terrace of the U.S. Capitol building amidst intense fighting. Freedom Vy, a chapter member, expressed hesitation as Vice President Mike Pence was evacuated, but ultimately decided to join his group inside to witness history unfold.

Guilty Plea and Sentencing

Freedom Vy, 39, from Southwest Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to participating in the attack on the Capitol, causing over $3 million in damage and injuring numerous officers. He faces up to a year in prison at his sentencing hearing scheduled for September.

Significant Role of Pennsylvania Proud Boys

While over 1,400 people have been charged in connection with the Capitol riot, Proud Boys members from Pennsylvania, including Zach Rehl, have played a major role. Rehl, the former leader of the Philadelphia chapter, is currently serving a 15-year sentence for sedition charges related to planning the violence on that day.

Other Convictions and Implications

Two other Philadelphia Proud Boys, Brian Healion and Isaiah Giddings, await sentencing after pleading guilty to misdemeanor crimes. Aaron Whallon Wolkind and John Charles Stewart have also been implicated in the prosecutors’ account of the Proud Boys’ actions that day.

Group Chats and Planning

Freedom Vy participated in encrypted group chats with Proud Boys from across the country leading up to January 6. Discussions included plans for the group’s presence in Washington as supporters of then-President Donald Trump gathered in the city.

Riot Involvement and Behavior

Vy and the Philadelphia Proud Boys were among the first rioters to breach the security perimeter around the Capitol building. They engaged in confrontations with police, took selfies making gestures associated with white power groups, and entered the Capitol building, causing disruptions to the congressional certification process.

Aftermath and Reflection

Following the riot, the group left the building, and Vy, Rehl, Healion, and Giddings returned to Philadelphia. Despite their criminal convictions, there was a sense of disappointment among some members that the response to the events of January 6 did not align with their expectations.

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