Funding for Border Crossings Welcomed by Chamber

Improving Border Facilities in the North Country

In a significant development, federal funding has been allocated to enhance border facilities in the North Country. Under the federal Inflation Reduction Act, $50 million has been designated for ten projects across New York state. Notably, three major projects in the North Country have been earmarked for funding.

Boosting Construction Projects and Creating Jobs

The Inflation Reduction Act is set to provide a significant boost to construction projects in New York. It will stimulate job creation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the Empire State. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer expressed his satisfaction regarding the allocation of funds, stating, “That’s a win-win-win.”

A Sustainable Future for New York

With over $50 million secured through the Inflation Reduction Act, New York is not just fixing aging buildings; it’s building a sustainable future. This funding, combined with other programs, such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law, lays the foundation for long overdue construction projects. It also plays a pivotal role in lowering carbon emissions and energizing the economy.

A Major Step Forward for the North Country

The North Country Chamber of Commerce welcomed the news of funding for the border crossings. Garry Douglas, the chamber president, expressed his appreciation for Senator Schumer’s efforts over the past two years in securing funding for major investments at the Rouses Point and Trout River crossings. He also highlighted the need for work at Champlain.

Significant Investments in Border Crossings

Of the allocated funds, $8.5 million will be utilized for the Rouses Point border crossing. This investment represents a substantial step forward in creating a brand-new U.S. border crossing facility. The estimated total investment for this project is $29 million. Additionally, $9.1 million has been allocated for the Trout River crossing, accounting for almost half of the planned total investment of $19.7 million for major renovations and improvements.

Updating Infrastructure for Efficiency

The Champlain Port of Entry will benefit from an $11.3 million allocation. This funding will be used to update roads and parking areas that require attention to ensure the crossing remains well-maintained and efficient.

A Vision for Excellence

Garry Douglas envisions the new Rouses Point and renovated Trout River crossings as significant milestones in the area’s “Port of Excellence” vision. This vision has been actively pursued by the Chamber for over twenty years, building upon the $170 million investment in new facilities at Champlain.

Collaboration and Recognition

The North Country Chamber of Commerce is part of a stakeholders advisory group that assists the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in the design processes for Rouses Point and Trout River. Furthermore, the Chamber is recognized as a stakeholder organization in the design process for $49 million in facility work planned by Canada at the Lacolle border crossing. Garry Douglas expressed gratitude to Senator Schumer for his continued support and thanked the GSA for their collaboration with local stakeholders.

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