General arrested as Bolivia’s President Luis Arce confronts fresh crisis amid coup attempt

Bolivia Faces Political Turmoil

Bolivia Faces Political Turmoil

Government Palace Incident

Armored vehicles forcefully entered Bolivia’s government palace, sparking turmoil as President Luis Arce denounced the move as an attempted coup. The situation escalated quickly, with troops appearing to seize control, only to retreat after a few hours.

Response and Arrests

President Arce stood his ground, appointing a new army commander who ordered the troops to stand down. Amidst the chaos, the army chief Gen. Juan José Zúñiga was arrested, along with former navy Vice Adm. Juan Arnez Salvador. The government minister emphasized that the aim of the group was to undermine the elected authority, leading to their apprehension.

Stabilization Efforts

Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo declared that the situation was under control and labeled it a “failed coup.” The country faced lingering tensions between Arce and former president Evo Morales, contributing to the political unrest amidst an economic crisis.

Coup Attempt Allegations

Despite the swift retreat of the soldiers, allegations surfaced, with Gen. Zúñiga claiming President Arce instructed him to storm the palace for political gain. However, Justice Minister Iván Lima refuted these claims, vowing legal consequences for the destabilizing actions.

President’s Response

President Arce confronted the military head Zúñiga, demanding the withdrawal of troops and expressing unwavering resolve to defend democracy. He promptly appointed new military leaders, emphasizing the need for unity and stability in the face of the crisis.

Regional Reaction

The coup attempt in Bolivia drew condemnation from regional leaders and international organizations, highlighting the importance of upholding constitutional order. The incident underscored the fragility of democracy and the need for solidarity in preserving political stability.

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