GOP continues efforts to shift blame away from Trump for Jan. 6 incident

Republican Lawmakers’ Views on Jan. 6 Riot

A couple of weeks ago, Republican Sen. J.D. Vance expressed his opinion about Jan. 6, claiming that credible Republicans no longer hold Trump responsible for the attack.

Yesterday, Republican Rep. Dan Meuser acknowledged that Jan. 6 was a dark day but rejected the idea of attributing it to Trump’s words.

Similarly, Republican Rep. Michael Waltz defended Trump, stating that he was not accountable for the events of Jan. 6.

Conflicting Republican Narratives

Republican rhetoric on Jan. 6 varies, with some supporting baseless election conspiracy theories while others blame antifa or the FBI for the Capitol siege.

Lawmakers like Meuser and Waltz, however, insist that Trump did not incite the violence, contradicting clear evidence of his involvement.

Despite Trump’s direct role in instigating the attack, these Republicans continue to deny his responsibility, urging voters to ignore the truth.

Shift in Republican Stance

In early 2021, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced Trump for his role in provoking the Capitol riot, holding him morally responsible.

McConnell emphasized the danger of Trump’s false statements and conspiracy theories, attributing the siege to the former president’s actions.

Later, the bipartisan Jan. 6 committee confirmed Trump’s central role in planning and executing the attack, establishing him as the primary instigator.

The refusal of credible Republicans to blame Trump for Jan. 6 reflects a concerning trend within the party.

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