Government Official Confirms Nationwide Blackout in Ecuador

Ecuador Experiences Nationwide Blackout

Ecuador faced a significant challenge on Wednesday as the entire country was plunged into darkness due to a transmission line failure, as reported by the country’s Public Infrastructure Minister, Roberto Luque. This incident resulted in a “cascade disconnection” that led to a complete lack of energy service on a national scale.

CENACE Report Confirms Transmission Line Failure

The National Center of Energy Control (CENACE) quickly identified the root cause of the blackout, attributing it to a failure in the transmission line. This disruption triggered a domino effect, causing widespread power outages across the country. Minister Luque emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that all efforts were being directed towards resolving the issue promptly.

Efforts Underway to Restore Power

Authorities are actively working to address the transmission line failure and restore electricity to the affected areas. The government is mobilizing resources to rectify the situation as swiftly as possible, ensuring that normalcy is restored to the nation. Updates on the progress of this developing story will be provided as new information becomes available.

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