Guide to Hello Kitty Island Adventure Fashion with a Mermaid Twist

### How to Complete Mermaidified Fashion: Part 1

The first part of Mermaidified Fashion begins with a quest to seek help from Chococat after discovering Tuxedosam’s intentions. To start this journey, players must first speak with Tuxedosam at his shop, where he will express the struggle of constantly changing clothes for swimming.

Tuxedosam is eager to assist in solving this problem but requires assistance from Chococat. Players must meet Tuxedosam at Chococat’s tent to request help. Chococat agrees to take on the project but needs to acquire four different fish, all at normal size. These fish include the Citrusfin found in Seaside Resort, Opal Flutterfin found in the Rainbow Reef at night, Bog Clamfish found in Spooky Swamp, and Banded Spelunker found in Crystal Caves.

Once players have successfully caught all four fish, they can gift them to Chococat to conclude the first part of the series. However, players will need to wait until the next day to continue the quest.

### How to Complete Mermaidified Fashion: Part 2

On the second day, players are required to meet Tuxedosam and Chococat at the Mermaidifier. Chococat has completed the upgrades, allowing players to set an outfit specifically for swimming. This innovative feature automatically changes the attire when entering the water, regardless of the outfit worn on land.

To select the desired outfit, players can interact with the Mermaidifier, choose the different pieces they prefer, and save the selection. The outfit can be changed at any time by interacting with the device again.

To finalize the quest, players must enter the water and test out the newly acquired swimming outfit. This marks the completion of the Mermaidified Fashion quest.

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