How I Shed 30kg as a Busy School Teacher with One Diet Change and a Trendy Workout

How a Teacher Shed 30kg Despite Hormonal Disorder and Unhealthy Habits

Katheline De Zilva, a school teacher from Cranbourne in Victoria, has shared her inspiring weight loss journey, shedding 30kg despite her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis and years of unhealthy eating habits. Previously resigned to being overweight for the rest of her life, Kat’s life took a turn when she joined the BFT (Body Fit Training) gym in her city and participated in their eight-week challenge.

Struggling with exercise and often skipping meals while indulging in sweet treats, Kat never expected to start dieting or losing weight. However, everything changed when she signed up for the BFT challenge, designed by Cameron Falloon, an elite strength and conditioning coach who was once Princess Diana’s personal trainer.

Kat’s transformation began when she started working out six times a week and breaking up her meals into smaller portions spread throughout the day. She now aims for 10,000 steps daily and incorporates three sessions of cardio and strength training, along with two reformer Pilates classes, into her routine.

Throughout her weight loss journey, Kat tried various techniques, from free weights and Pilates to swapping bread for cucumber and spinach. While she enjoyed Pilates for its movement and mobility benefits, she desired more from her fitness routine. That’s when she and her best friend started exploring fitness programs at gyms, ultimately leading her to BFT.

Initially hesitant, Kat’s commitment to the program paid off. She noticed her skills improving, progressing to more challenging exercises like foot push-ups, full burpees, and box jumps. Despite not stepping on a weight scale for six months out of fear of disappointment, she eventually realized the scale wasn’t broken when she saw the change in her weight. Kat was still wearing oversized clothes she couldn’t believe she had outgrown.

BFT, founded in 2017, has been successful in selling over 300 franchises worldwide. Their programs, designed by Cameron Falloon, utilize science and technology to drive positive outcomes for people of all fitness levels. The workouts focus on reducing fat and building lean muscle, with eight-week progressive blocks to ensure continuous improvement.

For Kat, the coaches at BFT were welcoming and friendly, alleviating her initial intimidation. The variety in workouts kept her interested, allowing her to mix up her routine and focus on different areas. Additionally, Kat learned the importance of nutrition and building a manageable exercise schedule. Breaking up her meals into smaller portions helped her deal with unhealthy snacking, providing her body with the energy needed throughout the day.

Kat’s fitness journey not only resulted in weight loss but also provided her with newfound perspective and energy. She reflects on her past self, nervous about starting something new, and expresses pride in her consistent commitment to her health and fitness goals.

Overall, Kat’s story serves as an inspiration to others struggling with weight loss and hormonal disorders. With determination, a supportive gym community, and a focus on nutrition and exercise, it is possible to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting change.

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