How Online Investigators Assisted the FBI in Locating January 6 Insurrectionists

The Thrill of Online Sleuthing: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Capitol Attack

The Addictive World of Sedition Hunters

Josh had dedicated countless hours over the past two years to his newfound hobby – online sleuthing. His wife, although somewhat mystified, patiently listened to conversations filled with screennames, hashtags, and references to specific J6 events. These conversations were a glimpse into the world of Sedition Hunters, a group of like-minded individuals that became close friends through their shared pursuit.

A Surprising Revelation

One day, Josh discovered that one of his fellow sleuths, whom he had worked closely with, had actually voted for Donald Trump – not once, but twice. This revelation came as a shock to Josh, akin to the shocking moments he remembered, such as September 11 or the day Michael Jackson died. It felt like a record being blown up by a tomahawk missile. However, despite the unexpected news, Josh remained committed to his cause.

The Thrill of Discovery

What kept Josh going was the excitement of uncovering new information and piecing together the puzzle. Each string he pulled led to another answer, another question solved. It was a dopamine hit after dopamine hit. Whether it was finding a video that captured the perfect face of a masked assailant or debunking conspiracy theories, Josh’s pursuit of truth was exhilarating. He found fulfillment in knowing that he was protecting democracy and seeking justice for those affected by the attack.

A Passion Like No Other

“It’s a thrill and feeling of fulfillment that is unmatched by anything else I’ve ever done,” Josh said. His dedication to archiving videos and photos from January 6, creating a permanent database for researchers, was his way of contributing to the investigation. He excelled at finding needles in haystacks online, honing his skills to support the cause he believed in.

The Reality of Online Sleuthing

One day, while searching for an identification, Josh came across a familiar face in an unexpected place. After using facial recognition software and sifting through explicit websites, he identified a former gay porn actor who appeared to have assaulted a police officer during the Capitol attack. This was not the first time such a discovery had been made, as the online sleuths had previously uncovered suspects with ties to the pornography industry.

The Price of Patriotism

As Josh shared his latest finding with his fellow sleuths, they were taken aback by the explicit nature of the evidence. However, Josh’s dedication to preserving democracy outweighed any discomfort caused by the graphic content. He jokingly messaged, “The things I do for this country. The number of dicks I’ve had to see in the name of preserving our democracy, someone should give me a goddamn medal.”

The Ongoing Investigation

Over two years into the investigation, new identifications continued to surface. Josh focused primarily on archiving videos and photos, contributing to the ever-growing database of open-source materials available to other researchers. His expertise in finding crucial information online was invaluable to the ongoing efforts. The quest to uncover the truth behind the Capitol attack was far from over.

A Diverse Cast of Participants

The participants in the Capitol attack were a diverse group, with a range of backgrounds and professions. Funeral home owners, celebrity photo collectors, ex-NFL players, neurosurgeons, and even a stand-up comic were among those identified by the online sleuths. Each new identification added to the list of individuals featured on the FBI’s Capitol Violence page, awaiting charges.

These sleuths made connections through their in-depth investigations, linking suspects to their pasts and uncovering surprising details. From a fan of anthropomorphized animals to individuals with criminal records for public nudity or murder, the depth of their findings highlighted the complexity of the Capitol attack.

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