Inflation Reduction Act funds exclusively for MO family farmers, not factory farms

Advocating for Missouri’s Small Family Farms

Small family farms in Missouri are seeking support from lawmakers in the U.S. Capitol to address the protection of the nation’s food resources and family farmers in the upcoming Farm Bill.

Concerns Over Conservation Practices

A letter signed by nearly 200 groups has been sent to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, urging him to reconsider including conservation practices that support factory farms. These practices often contribute to local pollution issues.

Controversial Conservation Payments

The decision by the USDA to allow mega-farms to qualify for “climate smart” conservation payments is raising controversy. Tim Gibbons, communications director for the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, highlights concerns about taxpayer dollars being used to support the corporate industrial takeover of the livestock industry.

Protecting Family Farmers and Local Consumers

Gibbons emphasizes the importance of taxpayer dollars benefiting family farmers and ensuring consumers have access to locally grown and harvested farm products. However, Congress has yet to pass a new Farm Bill since its official expiration in September.

Safeguards Against Factory Farms

Gibbons believes the Inflation Reduction Act should incorporate specific safeguards to protect small farmers and prevent factory farms from taking advantage of tax breaks. He argues that factory farm corporations should be responsible for cleaning up their own environmental impact and not rely on taxpayer funds.

Industrial Farming and Climate Change

The letter addressed to Secretary Vilsack highlights the negative effects of industrial farming practices on climate change, taxpayer dollars, and Indigenous and underserved communities. These effects contradict the intended purpose of the Inflation Reduction Act.

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