Kellye SoRelle, lawyer for Oath Keepers, to plead guilty in January 6 case

Oath Keepers Attorney to Plead Guilty in Capitol Attack Case

Oath Keepers Attorney Enters Guilty Plea in Capitol Attack Case

Details of the Guilty Plea

An attorney representing one of the Oath Keepers charged in the January 6 Capitol attack is set to plead guilty after being accused of conspiring with the right-wing group’s founder to obstruct Congress’s certification of the 2020 election results.

Filing for Guilty Plea

According to court filings on July 17, Kellye SoRelle’s federal defender and a prosecutor indicated that a plea deal with the government had been reached, paving the way for SoRelle to enter a guilty plea.

Charges Against SoRelle

The plea deal details have not been disclosed yet and are pending final approval by a judge. The charges against SoRelle include conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, evidence tampering, and misdemeanor trespassing.

Legal Proceedings

Initially pleading not guilty, SoRelle’s case was put on hold when she was found mentally incompetent. Following a period of evaluation, her competency was restored, leading to the rescheduling of her trial.

Supreme Court Ruling

Recent Supreme Court rulings have impacted potential charges against SoRelle, specifically regarding obstruction and conspiracy counts. The court ruled that the law could not be broadly applied to interference with Congress’s election certification session.

Role in Capitol Breach

SoRelle played a significant role in working closely with Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and acted as a liaison with various pro-Trump groups. She was implicated in a shared plan to intimidate and obstruct lawmakers’ work at the Capitol on January 6.

Capitol Riot Aftermath

The violent events of January 6 resulted in multiple deaths, injuries to police officers, and significant property damage. Trump supporters, fueled by false election claims, stormed the Capitol, causing chaos and disruption.

Legal Ramifications

Over 1,400 people have been federally charged in connection to the Capitol attack, with more than 500 facing charges related to assaulting or impeding law enforcement. The legal consequences for those involved vary from misdemeanors to more serious felony charges.

Political Context

The Capitol attack has had political reverberations, with former President Trump expressing support for defendants involved in the riot. Trump’s comments and actions following the events of January 6 have sparked controversy and debate.

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