Kylie Jenner Conceals Face During Her Return to Paris Fashion Week

### Kylie Jenner Makes a Statement at Paris Fashion Week
Kylie Jenner returned to Paris Fashion Week and appeared to address the ongoing criticism of her face by covering herself partially. She arrived at the Schiaparelli show in a stylish pink gown, complemented by a piece of netting that covered her entire head.

### Previous Criticism at Paris Fashion Week
Kylie’s last appearance at Paris Fashion Week was in January, where she faced scrutiny for her minimal makeup look at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show. The reality star has been open about dealing with criticism and bullying, especially regarding her appearance.

### Emotional Revelations from Kylie
During a conversation on *The Kardashians*, Kylie revealed the impact of constant scrutiny on her confidence. She shared her struggles with maintaining self-assurance amidst public scrutiny, stating, “It’s a miracle that I still have confidence and I can still look in the mirror and think that I am pretty.” Kylie expressed her frustration with the ongoing discussions about her looks and cosmetic procedures.

### Defending Herself Against Criticism
Despite facing criticism for her choices, Kylie emphasized the importance of not judging someone based on their appearance. She highlighted the long history of being scrutinized for her looks, even before any cosmetic enhancements. Kylie also addressed the emotional toll of constantly defending herself against negative comments.

### A Personal Journey of Self-Reflection
Kylie reflected on her decision to reduce her lip fillers as part of her journey towards self-acceptance. She shared her vulnerability, admitting that the criticism still affects her emotionally. Kylie expressed her disappointment in the continued focus on her physical appearance, urging for a shift in the conversation away from superficial judgments.

### Watch Kylie’s Emotional Conversation
For a deeper insight into Kylie Jenner’s perspective on beauty standards and public scrutiny, watch the emotional conversation on *The Kardashians*. The reality star’s candid revelations shed light on the challenges of navigating fame and criticism in the public eye.

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