Lack of Rescue Plan for Babies Found in Mass Grave within Gaza Hospital Surrounded by Israel

Latest Developments: Mass Graves and Evacuation Challenges in Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

A Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds Amid Israeli Encirclement


Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, the situation in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital has reached a critical point. Palestinians trapped inside the hospital grounds are forced to confront the grim reality of burying around 100 bodies in mass graves due to Israeli encirclement. Furthermore, there seems to be no immediate plan to evacuate babies, despite Israel’s offer of portable incubators.

The Al Shifa Hospital Tragedy

Israeli forces claim that Al Shifa hospital sits atop an underground headquarters of Hamas militants, a claim that Hamas vehemently denies. According to Hamas, the hospital grounds are home to 650 patients and 5,000-7,000 displaced civilians who are under constant fire from snipers and drones. The dire situation has resulted in the deaths of 40 patients, including three premature babies whose incubators were shut down due to power outages.

A Desperate Burial

The deteriorating conditions inside Al Shifa hospital have forced Palestinians to dig a mass grave within the complex to bury around 100 decomposing bodies. Despite the danger they face due to lack of cover or protection, there are no other options available. The men inside the hospital grounds are currently digging the grave as a necessary measure to address this tragic situation.

The Plight of Vulnerable Babies

Within the hospital’s neo-natal ward, 36 babies remain, with three having already tragically passed away. The lack of fuel for generators to power the incubators has forced medical staff to keep the babies as warm as possible, lining them up eight to a bed. Israel has offered portable, battery-powered incubators to facilitate the evacuation of the babies. However, as of now, no concrete arrangements have been made to carry out this critical task.

International Alarm

The fate of Al Shifa hospital has garnered significant international attention and concern. The United States, Israel’s closest ally, has expressed alarm over the situation. However, the hospital remains under siege, with Israeli forces denying the claims and stating that routes for those inside to exit are available. Medics and officials within the hospital contradict this, asserting that those attempting to leave have come under fire. The exact veracity of these claims could not be independently verified by Reuters.

A Devastated Gaza

The Israeli offensive against Hamas has resulted in significant devastation in Gaza. Medical officials report that over 11,000 people, including many children, have been killed by Israeli strikes. Countless others remain trapped under rubble, with two-thirds of Gaza’s population now homeless. The crowded territory faces severe shortages of food, fuel, fresh water, and medical supplies.

A Plea for Help

Doctors within Al Shifa hospital warn of the imminent risks posed by decomposing bodies. They fear the transmission of various infections. Despite the significant challenges, they understand that burying 120 bodies requires proper equipment and cannot be achieved through individual efforts. The situation is dire, and immediate action is needed to prevent further harm.

International Response

The encirclement of Al Shifa hospital has unsettled even Israel’s closest allies. In the United States, President Joe Biden expressed hope for less intrusive actions towards hospitals and stressed the need to protect them. Israel released video and photos of alleged weapons stored by Hamas in the basement of another hospital, a claim that Hamas dismisses as staged.

The Path Towards Ceasefire

Hamas’s armed wing has offered to free up to 70 women and children held captive in Gaza in exchange for a five-day ceasefire. Israel, however, has rejected a ceasefire due to concerns of Hamas regrouping. Nevertheless, brief humanitarian “pauses” could be considered. The international community, including the United States, urges longer pauses, lasting days rather than hours, to facilitate the release of hostages and the overall well-being of the region.


The dire situation in Al Shifa hospital represents a humanitarian crisis that demands immediate attention. The suffering of both patients and medical staff cannot be ignored. Urgent action is required to address the challenges of burying the dead and evacuating vulnerable infants. The international community must come together to find a resolution that upholds the sanctity of human life and ensures the safety of those affected by the conflict.

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