Lawyers: Election denier, ‘MyPillow Guy’ Lindell out of money, can’t pay legal bills

Attorneys representing MyPillow CEO and election denier Mike Lindell in defamation lawsuits by voting machine companies are seeking court permission to withdraw from the case. They claim that Lindell owes them millions of dollars and cannot pay the legal expenses going forward. Lindell confirmed that he is out of money and understands that his lawyers need to make a living.

The request to quit was filed by attorney Andrew Parker in federal court. Parker’s firm, along with another firm representing MyPillow, stated that they cannot afford to continue representing Lindell due to the financial risk it poses. This is the latest setback for Lindell, who has faced legal and financial challenges since propagating former President Donald Trump‘s false claims about the 2020 election being stolen through rigged voting machine systems. As a result, several retailers, including Walmart, have discontinued MyPillow products.

Lindell expressed his frustration, stating that MyPillow has suffered significant financial losses and blamed Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatic, and the news media, including conservative outlets like Fox News and Newsmax. Despite his financial difficulties, Lindell vowed to continue fighting and keep MyPillow going. He stated that he does not have any other debts and has no plans to file for bankruptcy.

In a video posted on his website, Lindell portrayed himself as a victim of “cancel culture” and emphasized his commitment to securing elections for the country. Meanwhile, the requests to withdraw from the lawsuits were filed in federal courts in Minnesota and Washington, D.C., where Lindell faces defamation lawsuits filed by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems. These lawsuits seek damages amounting to over $1 billion.

Lindell has also faced other legal issues, including an arbitration panel ordering him to pay $5 million to a software engineer for breach of contract. The dispute involved data that Lindell claimed proved Chinese interference in the 2020 elections. Amid negative publicity, MyPillow has auctioned off equipment and subleased manufacturing space.

Parker’s firm has also requested permission to stop defending Lindell, MyPillow, and Lindell’s website, FrankSpeech, in a defamation lawsuit filed by Eric Coomer, a former director of product strategy and security for Dominion. Coomer is seeking damages in federal court in Colorado.

Parker mentioned that Lindell and MyPillow had been making timely payments to his firm until this year when the litigation fees and costs increased significantly. Payments slowed down and did not cover the full bills, leading Parker to warn Lindell and MyPillow that they would have to withdraw if the bills weren’t paid. Lindell and MyPillow have acknowledged the situation and are in the process of finding new lawyers.

Despite these challenges, Lindell continues to promote MyPillow products and encouraged viewers to support him by purchasing his pillows, towels, and other items.

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