Let’s avoid another Jan. 6 incident.

South Dakota Governor’s Perspective on Jan. 6 Charges

During a recent interview on “Meet the Press,” South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem expressed her views on the individuals facing charges related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. She emphasized the importance of evaluating each case individually, stating that blanket decisions should not be made.

Case-by-Case Evaluation for Pardons

When asked about the possibility of pardoning all those involved in the Jan. 6 incident, Governor Noem stressed the need for a nuanced approach. She highlighted the significance of examining each situation separately to ensure a fair and just outcome.

Preventing Future Attacks

Noem reiterated that the nation must strive to prevent any recurrence of events like Jan. 6, emphasizing the shared sentiment across the country to avoid such upheaval. She expressed confidence in Donald Trump‘s ability to restore law and order if elected to the presidency again.

Trump’s Stance on Pardons

Former President Donald Trump has raised the idea of pardoning Jan. 6 defendants in the event of a second term. He has indicated a willingness to consider pardons for those involved in the Capitol riot, describing them as “hostages.”

Individual Assessment for Pardons

When pressed on her agreement with Trump’s pardoning stance, Governor Noem reiterated the importance of examining each individual’s role in the events of Jan. 6. She emphasized that decisions regarding pardons should be made based on a thorough evaluation of each case.

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