Liberals Mock Kellyanne Conway’s Mockery

Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Excludes Trump from 2024 Ballot

Following the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court that Donald Trump is not eligible to be on the 2024 ballot, his ex-White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, made a bold move by criticizing liberals.

The ruling, based on a clause in the 14th Amendment, bars individuals from holding state or federal office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the U.S. Constitution.

Conway took to Fox News to attack Democrats for their support of the ruling, arguing that there is no evidence of Trump’s involvement in any insurrection.

She further criticized the Democratic focus on the January 6th riots, predicting it will harm the party in the upcoming 2024 election.

Instead of presenting a strong argument against the ruling, Conway resorted to hurling insults at liberals.

Response and Reactions

While the Fox News hosts chuckled at Conway’s remarks, critics, including former congressman Joe Walsh, expressed their disapproval.

NBC News’ Mehdi Hasan found Conway’s comments on electric vehicles amusing, especially given the GOP’s admiration for Elon Musk.

Editor Ron Filipkowski marveled at how effortlessly Conway embraced reprehensible behavior.

Self-proclaimed liberals fired back at Conway’s insults with sarcastic responses, highlighting the absurdity of her claims.

Final Thoughts

Conway’s attempt to discredit the Colorado Supreme Court ruling through insults sparked a wave of humorous and critical responses from social media users.

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