Massachusetts congressman discusses future plans following Hamas attack on Israel

Supporting Israel in the Aftermath of the Hamas Attack

Massachusetts Congressman Jake Auchincloss discusses the next steps following the recent surprise rocket strikes on Israel. President Biden has expressed his commitment to providing all necessary support, but it is crucial for Congress to step in and help as well.

As a member of the Jewish community with personal connections to Israel, Auchincloss compares this assault to the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel without provocation. Despite the surprise nature of the attacks, Israel ultimately emerged victorious. However, international support is essential for their success, and the United States has long been a strong ally, providing $3.5 billion in security aid to Israel. This aid is currently saving lives through the Iron Dome defense system, which intercepts rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. Auchincloss encourages the Biden administration and Congress to swiftly provide any necessary additional support, whether it be material, logistical, or financial.

Addressing the Migrant Crisis in Massachusetts

The Biden administration is dispatching a team to Massachusetts to assess the growing migrant crisis, a move that Auchincloss has been advocating for. While the specific details of this assessment are still being arranged between the Department of Homeland Security and the governor’s office, it is evident that more federal engagement is needed.

Auchincloss emphasizes the importance of cutting red tape that hinders migrants from obtaining work authorization, a step that would not only benefit them but also relieve the burden on Massachusetts taxpayers and boost the state’s economy. Additionally, federal funding is necessary, as Massachusetts is currently spending about $45 million a month to address the crisis, which is unsustainable. Massachusetts has a long-standing tradition of welcoming refugees, and Auchincloss takes pride in that. However, immediate help from the Biden administration is required, and long-term solutions will ultimately require action from Congress. Auchincloss is a co-sponsor of bipartisan legislation aimed at addressing the root causes of the crisis, such as border security, visa and asylum reforms, and aid to the countries of origin to combat poverty and crime. He urges Congress to bring this legislation to the floor for a vote.

The Need for Meaningful Immigration Reform

Auchincloss acknowledges the need for meaningful immigration reform and recognizes the current lack of progress in Congress. He highlights the dysfunction within the Republican conference, noting that during the last Congress, when Democrats held a similar majority, they were able to pass substantial bipartisan legislation on crucial issues like infrastructure investment, gun safety, electoral reform, and domestic manufacturing. Auchincloss believes that Republicans should follow the same bipartisan momentum and legislate for the American people on topics such as immigration and clean energy. However, he criticizes their internal infighting and states that they must change the rules of the House to allow for bipartisan governance and isolate their extremists. Auchincloss supports Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries’ call for Republicans to change the rules and escape the clutches of those individuals hindering progress.

The Ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Auchincloss comments on the recent drama surrounding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted following a deal he made with Democrats. He characterizes the House Republican conference as a “crocodile caucus,” suggesting that McCarthy repeatedly fed them compromises and concessions, only to be devoured by his own party. The race for McCarthy’s successor is now underway, and Auchincloss predicts that it will result in more drama. However, he emphasizes that the Republicans must change the rules of the House to break free from the hostage situation created by a small group of extreme right-wing lawmakers. Auchincloss reiterates the Democrats’ call for restoring bipartisan governance and highlights the successful legislation passed in the last Congress, such as bold climate action and clean energy investment, as examples of what can be achieved through cooperation. The key, according to Auchincloss, is for Republicans to prioritize America rather than MAGA (Make America Great Again).

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